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Who it’s for

Businesses and nonprofits sometimes have more than one product on the go at once – T-Shirts, Branded Wear, Promotional Products, we can do it all. But sometimes it’s a lot of work to take orders, collect money and then distribute the products. Whether you’re a business that’s looking to generate revenue, a club looking to streamline group orders, or a nonprofit that wants to easily increase brand awareness, we can help!

How it works

Charitees handles web hosting and development, payment processing, apparel printing, and shipping. All you have to do is promote! We can integrate the store into an existing website, or start a brand new one. At regular intervals, your profit will be transferred to you.

Why sell with us?

Shops By Charitees allows you to set up a store and get back to focusing on what matters – running your organization. We offer flexible choices for ordering: ship to customers immediately, or once a minimum quantity has been fulfilled. And, unlike with the other guys, all of the profit you collect from the Shop is yours!

And of course, 10% goes directly to the charity of your choice!


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