Our Team

Michael Carrier

One of the founding members of Charitees, Michael is currently finishing his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Management. Originally from Toronto, Michael started this company with Ron to fulfill his entrepreneurial spirit, love for graphic design and passion for giving back to the community. At Charitees, Michael is in charge of day-to-day operations and working with Scott to prepare production runs. In his spare time, Michael enjoys to further his knowledge of graphic design and coding, as well as playing card games.

One of the founding members of Charitees, Ron is pursuing his duel degree in Mechanical Engineering and Economics. Originally from Vaughn, Ron was raised in a very entrepreneurial household, allowing for his interest in creating and growing a business to foster at a very young age. Thus starting a business with his long time friend was the next logical step in his entrepreneurial career.  At Charitees, Ron is in charge of sales and marketing and ensuring customer satisfaction. In his spare time, Ron is interested in sports and watching movies.

Ron Kapcan

Ron Kapcan

Scott Adams

Production Manager

      Scott is currently a 3rd year McMaster Student working towards his Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre and Film. Originally from Mississauga, Scott has been working for Charitees since 2016 as Production Manager, overseeing all production preparation and production runs with Michael. When Scott isn’t working at Charitees, he spends his time painting, selling and creating art for buyers around Ontario. In is spare time, Scott also enjoys weight lifting as well as volunteering as a football coach.

Shan is currently in his 2nd year at McMaster pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. Originally from Kingston, Shan has just started working for Charitees as Shops Manager this year. In addition to managing “Shops by Charitees,” Shan has a split role at Charitees, aiding in multiple activities such as: production, web design, marketing and sales. When Shan isn’t working at Charitees, he enjoys training in martial arts, playing guitar and creating designs for his own clothing company. Shan also enjoys tutoring children and learning about computers.

Shan Parhar

Shops Manager